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  • Handmade Animal Mugs
  • Barksdale Labradoodles - Authentic Australian Labradoodles - Certified Therapy and Service Dogs
  • Dog Channel - The place to go for all of your significant and fun dog news
  • Dog, Dogs, a Canine Wonderland! - If you love dogs, visit now for tons of free dog stuff!
  • Dogs for Sale - Find out important information you should know before you buy a pet shop dog.
  • Affordable gift baskets at - Find unique gift baskets for all occasions including corporate, thank you, holiday, birthday, pet, cookie, get well gift baskets and much more!
  • Pet Food - Pet food information and reviews by veterinarians, Guide to pet food products and information.
  • Pet Services and Pet Products Directory - Find pet services, pet products and pet professionals on the internet.
  • Dogs - Quality information for over 350 dog breeds.
  • 14K-9,Inc-Solid Gold Dog Breed Jewelry - Designers and Manufacturers of Solid Gold Dog Breed Jewelry,includes Ribbons and Titles, Dog Tags, Equine, Crosses and Designer Jewelry
  • Rover Wrap Dog Blankets - A functional and fashionable pet blanket designed to retain body heat. Choose from our posh Urban Chic line or the cozy Kickin' it Kasuals. Ask about our breeder's program
  • Dog Tags and Pet Tags - Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminum and Plastic - Dog Tags and Pet Tags, Custom engraved for your beloved dog or cat
  • Blocky Dogs - Custom made, Heavy duty collars for Heavy Duty dogs. Sturdy nylon collars for large and giant breed dogs, for working dogs, for powerful breed dogs. Difficult to find sizes. With stand wear and pull that easily snap other collars.
  • Designer Dog Furniture - Convenient, comfortable and elegant our designer dog furniture collection creates an inviting spot for your pet. Buy fancy dog furniture from!
  • Animals in Art - Elegant, Traditional Paintings and Portraits of Dogs, Cats, and Horses in Watercolor, Colored Pencil, Graphite and Acrylic.
  • Creative Woodworks - Beautiful Hand Painted, Dimensional Wood Creations in the likeness of your dog.
  • Bowsers Dog Beds - FREE SHIPPING to US and Canada on all Dog Beds, Blankets, Pillows & Luxury Dog Mats. Amazing Selection - Affordable Prices. Shop American Dog Beds for your Favorite Pup!
  • Pup Property - Dog Harnesses, Fancy Dog Collars and Leashes, Unique Dog Toys, Doggies and Puppy Harnesses. Tails will wag with our Unique Dog Supplies!


  • Main Coon Cats-The classic Maine Coon is a brown tabby or brown tabby with white, but the breed is available in virtually every hue, with the exception of chocolate and lavender colors, or pointed or ticked tabby patterns.


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